This is the page where you send me great links that you love…. things that inspire you and this is where we share them with each other for all of that inspiration!!! so email them to me… keep them coming… share the love… learn all you can… and Go! make some amazing art!!!

The Linx:

(this one is so cool! thanks mrs pavese!!!)

Shared By Mana Ikeda:
I thought you guys might like these xDD:
He has photoshop brushes available for MAC/PC users ((Photoshop 7.0 and higher versions))and the instructions.
You might have seen this if you looked up speed painting:
poisondlo’s an amazing CG artist so check out his DA @
Okay, this is even better.
Click on any of the black boxes ((30 sec drawings, negative space drawings…etc)) You can practice life drawing in front of your computer. I personally like the 30 sec drawing session.
Also, great American artists:
xD Click on any of the name links on the right side, all of them are godly people.
Craig Mullins’ artwork is AMAZING.
His digital skill is something to DIE for hahaha. He’s really one of the most inspirational artist in our group.
Thanks Mana! We love it!!

Shared By Kevin Greene:

Thanks kevin! great stuff!!!!

Shared By Martin Flores:

Thanks Martin! so cool!!

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