In our second year of Commercial Art we will be covering all of our design basics, programs, skills and techniques. We will begin with fine art drawing skills, different drawing media, composition and perspective. Comic book design, caricatures and figure drawing will lead us into learning industry standard design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. We will finish the year learning about design basics and applying them to various projects.
Just some of the things we will cover this year:
1. Drawing *Learning to See (Still Life)
2. Drawing *Types of Line
3. Drawing *Types of Values
4. Drawing *Types of Texture
5. Drawing * & Composition
6. Drawing * in Perspective (One Point)
7. Drawing * in Perspective (Two Point)
8. Drawing * in Perspective (Three Point)
(landscapes & roomscapes)
9. Drawing * Figures
10. Drawing * Portraits
11. Drawing * Comic Books & Characters
12. Drawing * Charicatures
13. Character formation & design
14. Adobe Illustrator Basics
15. Illustrator Projects
16. Adobe Photoshop Basics
17. Photoshop Projects
18. Design Elements & Principles & Graphic Design
19. Typography & Projects
20. Logo design Intro