Check out our new promotional video!

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Hey everyone! Thanks so much for all of your hard work… these last few weeks with all of the Open Houses have been tough and I appreciate all of your help!! Check out the new video I made for us to use at open house… I made it with Adobe Voice on the iPad. Really…

It’s a great start!!!

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Hey everyone!  Welcome back!! You’ve been working hard… and it shows!  Our room looks amazing and it’s an inspirational space for us to work in this year… I couldn’t be happier!  I hope you all enjoy it as much as me… Keep checking our pinterest page for new info I’m pinning for you… some really…

Interesting Site for Illustrator Tutorials :)

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Hey everyone! It’s almost the end of the year and I appreciate all of your hard work sooooooo much!!!! We’re getting ready for The Teen Arts Festival at Bergen Community College and then it’s going to be time to clean house and enjoy your summer! But! Before we jet out of here we have a…

Great Advice for beginner Artists….

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Visual Storytelling Hey guys… I saw this and thought it was awesome. Don’t give up… keep trying and you will make something awesome. xo -wheels

Weekly Update!

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Hey guys it’s almost that time of year again… midterms. i know. But we can do lots about it so it’s not as stressful… Last week it was how to bring a kick butt portfolio… This week here is a link about what makes a great graphic designer and how to get more done… Hope…

Great Portfolio Info!

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Hey guys! I’m definitely going to be posting more info here now that the year is off to a good start and we have our room back! Here is a good one for portfolio prep… not just for Juniors & Seniors… you are all collecting a portfolio twice a year for midterms and finals. Make…