Can I have a successful career as an artist? The answer is yes!

For years as a teacher in the arts I have heard many people discourage students from a career in the arts. (Sad 😢 but true…) Some of my students may  hear:  “You’ll never make money”, “There is no money in art or creative careers”, “You’ll be a starving artist!”… “You’re better off being a doctor or a lawyer.”

 Those may have been truths in the times some people grew up in… but we are teaching students for THEIR FUTURE.  A world with industries that are still left to be defined… and the most important skill that EVERY employer is putting at the top of their list (no matter the industry) is CREATIVITY & CREATIVE THINKING.  This is what training in the creative industries is… training and preparing for the future.

How many of you own a smart-phone? Almost all of us… yes?  Do you watch tv and movies? Use a computer and go on the internet? Download apps for your iPad?  All of the content on these devices is created by creative professionals… a designer of some specialization.  From the tooth brush you use in the morning, to the chair you sit in at work, the car you drive and the bed you sleep in… all created by a designer.  I want to show you a list of majors and their careers (this is not every creative career… but a good starting list!) 


Career List images Thanks to @RCAD